Book Collection

Posted on Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Dear Parent/Guardian,
We have our book collection today and books can be collected in the following order:

12:00 6th class
12:20 5th class
12:40 4th class
13:00 3rd class
13:20 2nd class
13:40 1st class
14:00 Senior infants
14:20 Junior infants

4th to 6th class books will be in Ms Treacy's room, their siblings books will also be with them.
2nd/3rd class books will be found in Mr Barrett's room along with their younger siblings books.
Infants-1st class who have no older siblings will find their books in Ms McGraths room.
Parents enter the school using the door their child uses to access their classroom. Facemasks must be worn and only one parent at a time is allowed enter the school.  
If your child attends Mrs Barrett you must also go to Mrs Barretts room to collect their work from her. 

This is strictly a collect and go situation.  While as teachers we would much prefer to talk to each parent and explain properly what to do with the books, we cannot. We need everyone to work together today to ensure there is no further spread of the virus.  If you are isolating and cannot come to the school either nominate someone who can or call the school 090 9675362 after 12 today and we will make arrangements to drop off the books for you. 

Teachers have some instructions in their pupils book packs and will send on their outline of work this afternoon. Online learning for all will begin tomorrow morning.
We still have a few Junior Infant pupils whose parents haven't given consent yet for Zoom. This is the link here
Ms McGrath will be having 3 Zooms tomorrow (Junior infants, senior infants, 1st class)  so it is vital that all the new pupils have given consent. 

Thank you all for your cooperation.
Kind regards,
√Čilis Treacy

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