Senior Pupils Return to School

Posted on Thursday, March 11, 2021

Dear Parent/Guardian,
One year to the day we closed for lockdown 1, we prepare to welcome back 4th, 5th and 6th class. 
I outlined the guidelines in detail two weeks ago and I urge every parent to read through them again here

This new variant of the virus is highly contagious and we have to continue to exercise extreme caution:

  • If your child has any sign of a cold or any symptom keep at home.
  • If your family has any contact at all with a Covid case-get advice and keep at home until totally sure.
  • Parents stay at cars collecting and dropping off.
  • There can be no congregating at the gate.
  • Ensure your child has everything they need for school, visitors to the school door are kept to an absolute minimum. 
  • If you have to collect your child, wait in your car and your child will be walked to the gate. 
Some important information for 4th/5th/6th class
  • Soccer will go ahead on the pitch at break as usual (make sure to have your boots).
  • Daily mile will continue (bring socks and old runners).   
  • Seating is the same as before with a bit more space as I did more decluttering! 
  • Tidy out your bag and throw out any rubbish.
  • Tidy out those pencil cases.  One pencil case with pencil, blue biro, red biro, rubber, topper and ruler.  Colouring pencils/markers in a seperate pencil case.
  • Bring back all your books.
  • Don't bring back any worksheets that you have corrected and finished.
  • Bring back any wordbank sheets you have completed and have them in your wordbank folder.
  • Bring back the laptop if you borrowed one. Give it a wipe down before you bring it in and make sure to "log out" of any of your accounts. 
  • Don't worry or stress about how much work you followed during lockdown.  We'll see how everyone is on Monday and go from there. 
  • I would like everyone to have their book for the Write a Book Project almost finished, that's the one piece of work I'm hoping you will have ready. 
  • There will be a questionnaire on Google classroom tomorrow which I would like everyone to complete. 
If your child is safe to go to school on Monday please complete the Return to Education Form before Monday morning. This form will need to be completed any time your child returns after an absence.  A separate entry for each child. 
If you have any concerns about the return to school or your child has any worries please contact me to discuss.  
Looking forward to some normality returning next week,
Kind regards,
√Čilis Treacy
School Principal
[email protected]

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