Summer Term

Posted on Sunday, April 11, 2021

Dear Parent/Guardian,
We will return to school tomorrow for the summer term.  Please read the following guidelines in preparation:

  • Return to Education form must be completed tonight for any pupil returning.  I would be grateful if you could complete a separate form for each of your children as it makes it easier for me to keep track of the classes. 
  • From tomorrow onwards this form will be available on the top of the Message Board on and needs to be completed every time your child returns from an absence.
  • Continue to stay at your car at drop off and collection and avoid congregating at the gate. Pupils are collected by their teacher at 9.20am and are unsupervised until then. No pupil should be on the school grounds before 9.15am.  
  • Any communication with the school should be by phone to Patricia (9-11am Mon-Thurs) or email to [email protected] or the individual teacher.  Please note that teachers are busy teaching during the day and emails are often not seen until after the children go home.  Also teachers have to maintain a work/life balance and will respond to emails between 9am and 4pm.  I take my principal administration day on a Thursday so if you have any queries for me, that is my day for catching up on all principal admin. 
  • If your child has to leave early please collect at a break time. Small break is at 10:50am, Lunch break is at 12:30pm.  It is very difficult for us to facilitate a collection outside of these times. Your child will be walked to the gate for collection. 
  • We continue to follow the Covid Response plan from August 2020, this was updated on section 5 and will be ratified and shared after the next board of management meeting.  You can reread the documentation by following this link.
  • Parents should not send children to school if they are close contacts of a person with COVID-19, are awaiting a test or are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Parents are also advised to not send pupils to school if they are identified by the HSE as a close contact of a confirmed case of COVID-19 or if they live with someone who has symptoms of the virus.
  • Parents are advised not to send puils to school if they have travelled outside of Ireland; in such instances parents are advised to consult and follow latest Government advice in relation to foreign travel.
  • Please cooperate with any public health officials and the school for contact tracing purposes and follow any public health advice in the event of a case or outbreak in the school. 
The guidelnes above are quite rigid and not the language we usually use in primary school, however as you are aware there have been many cases in schools before Easter.  The reality is that the virus continues to spread and if it comes into the school the whole class including the teacher will have to isolate and get tested. Isolation seems to be about 2 weeks and we also have to remember that people could get sick.  This could mean weeks missed of school. That is why we have to be so vigilant.  If your child is sick or isolating please let me know [email protected] and we can work with the class teacher to send classwork home if needed. 

We have 11 weeks in this term. We have quite a lot of catching up to do. The topics we are covering are the topics missed last year due to lockdown.  So there is a lot of ground to cover but it is a worldwide pandemic; every school, class and pupil is experiencing the same.  Children cannot concentrate and learn if they are anxious or stressed. The best support from home is to have the children well rested and content going to school. Tidy out their schoolbag and help them organise their books. Encourage reading, play LEGO and Playdough, use board games or apps to practice tables and letter sounds. 
Parents can give up their teaching role and settle back into being parents again.  Homework should take 1 hour maximum in the senior room and the child should be able to complete their homework fairly independently as it is practice of work completed in school.  If this is not the case please discuss with the class teacher.  
We are all looking forward to a great term ahead. 
Thank you all for your support this year so far.
Kind regards,
√Čilis Treacy
[email protected]

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