Mrs Barrett's Retirement

Posted on Sunday, June 20, 2021

Dear Parent/Guardian,
As you are aware, Mrs Barrett is retiring this summer. 
Due to Covid restrictions we unfortunately cannot have parents in for a school assembly as would be the norm. 
Here are the plans we have in place for the week ahead:
On Tuesday the 6th class will graduate and Mrs Barrett will be acknowledged at that and a presentation will be made there.
On Thursday we will have the pupils lined up at the gate at 11:50am. 
Parents may come and stand at their cars or stand out along the footpath, socially distant and in line with current guidelines.  
The Parents Association will make a presentation to Mrs Barrett at the front of the school and it will be followed by a huge round of applause from pupils and parents. 
Then the pupils will exit the school.
The parents of Ms McGraths class should stand along the footpath (square to school).  They can stand there and their child will be sent down to them.  
The older children will make their way to their parents and parents should arrange the meeting spot in advance.  
When all 60 pupils are safely with their parents, people can circulate and chat to Mrs Barrett if they wish. 
There will be a lot of cars and there will still be passing traffic.  Parents can park at the hall as it will be quite busy around the school.  Former staff members and many past pupils are intending on being present too so any help with traffic and parking would be much appreciated. 
Kind regards,
√Čilis Treacy

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