Back to School 2021

Posted on Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Dear Parents/Guardians,
We return to school tomorrow (Wednesday 1st) and we are really looking forward to seeing our pupils and starting a fresh new year. 
First of all, Covid policies and protocols have been updated again.  For the pupils there are no visible changes. 

  • Teachers continue to wear face masks
  • We continue to use CO2 monitors (purchased last March) to help us judge the air quality in the room and ventilate when needed.
  • Each classroom is a "bubble" e.g. 4th/5th/6th class.  They keep their bubble for all school activities outside. 
  • Each class is a "pod" e.g. 4th class and they don't mix with other classes inside. 
  • We sanitise every single time we enter and exit rooms or if we are doing any sharing activities.
  • We wash hands regularly also.
  • Entry and exit to the school is the same as before with one change. The middle classroom have markers on the main yard and wait there for their teacher instead of the back door. 
  • Water fountains still out of use. Make sure to have a good bottle of water (especially in senior room). 
  • Covid return to school form must be completed for every pupil: Covid Return to School

Junior Room
Ms McGrath is looking forward to seeing you all back and especially our new Junior Infants. 
This year pupils in the Junior room don't bring in any pencil case.  Ms McGrath has all the stationary for them.  Any lovely colours or pencils purchased can be kept at home for homework activities. 
Junior infant parents can come to the door with their child this week and for as long as their child needs.  Junior infants will be going home at 12 for this week and the following two weeks. 
For everyone else, we would ask parents to leave their children at the school gate just in time for 9.20am.
Junior and senior infants will be collected at the school gate.  Parents can wait in their cars until they see Ms McGrath come out. This will avoid any congregating.
1st class will walk to the gate with Ms McGrath at 2.55pm.  [email protected]
Middle Room
Ms McGettigan has been busy preparing to meet 2nd and 3rd class. This classroom will now meet on the same yard as everyone else and line up at their marker. In the evening 2nd and 3rd class will continue to exit the school at the left side gate. [email protected]
Senior Room
Ms Clarke has transformed the senior room and looks forward to getting stuck in with 4th, 5th and 6th class.  All protocols as usual in the senior room and bring in your football boots if you want to play on the pitch. [email protected]

All Pupils
  • Parents should arrange where to meet their child after school so they can walk directly from gate to car/meeting point. There can be no congregating at the gate.
  • All pupils should have a lunch which is easy to manage and a lunchbox which is easy to open.
  • Booklists were sent with school reports. Email [email protected] or call Patricia 09096 75362 to arrange payment.  Bank transfer is the easiest for us but we still accept cash. Ideally all children should have their books by the weekend so we can start into them properly on Monday. 
  • Weather looks to be nice on return to school. If wearing shorts, try to have navy shorts with no logos and not too short as the children will be sitting in them all day. 

We have had a lot of work going on in the school over the summer.  The roof in the older part of the school (circa 1901) was repaired and retiled.  We did a big clear out and a lot of painting. A special word of thanks to Patricia for keeping it all going all summer, meeting suppliers, builders and cleaners.  We also had David our caretaker painting classrooms and cleaning up around the school in preparation for our return.  A lot goes on behind the scenes!

Looking forward to seeing all our pupils tomorrow,

√Čilis Treacy
[email protected]

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