Parental Update

Posted on Friday, December 03, 2021

Dear Parent/Guardian,
Just a short note to thank everyone for their cooperation this week.  The advice on facemasks and directive to schools was difficult to take on Tuesday evening but 3rd to 6th class have been so resilient and have just carried on as normal.  Hopefully this facemask directive won't carry on for too long. 
We found the school to be quite cold this week, even with the heating on.  We decided to invest in the HEPA filters and they should arrive on Monday.  We will still have windows open a bit to allow fresh air in, but with the HEPA filter working in the background of each classroom, it should mean that we don't have to have outside doors open with the winter breeze blowing through. 
Families continue to be very diligent, we have a lot of children at home awaiting tests and results. Thank you. Getting a PCR test when you have symptoms and isolating until the results come is really stopping the spread in Eyrecourt NS.  So far, so good, touch wood etc!
Please get in contact with me directly [email protected] for any queries or Covid test results. 
Wishing all our families a lovely weekend.
Kind regards,
√Čilis Treacy

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