Posted on Wednesday, January 05, 2022

Dear Parents and Guardians,
We are returning to school tomorrow for the Spring Term.  I am happy to report that all staff will be present for the return and we are looking forward to getting back to work. We already had the HEPA filters in place before Christmas, they have made a huge difference to the school.  It is a lot more comfortable for pupils and staff.  However, the weather has turned cold, so plenty of extra layers and a good coat for going outside!  Spare socks for the pitch are vital, along with a change of shoes.   There will be no library visits tomorrow, Eyrecourt Library will be open for visits next week. 
We are upgrading the staff masks to the respirator masks (FFP2 and N95).  These have a better seal around the face. There are washable versions available which we are still investigating. Parents might like to trial those masks with their child in 3rd -6th class. 
We have all seen the news, we have all experienced cases in our families and communities.  This strain of Covid is rampant so all I can do is urge everyone to exercise extreme caution. Here are the guidelines for children .  If your child has symptoms or is a close contact, it is all laid out in an easy to follow grid. Section 12/13 outline the most common scenario -child with sniffle, cough, feeling a bit unwell.
From my reading, 48 hours is key. You should keep your child home from school or childcare for 48 hours.  Monitor your child’s illness for any signs of getting worse, or for any new signs of illness. If their condition does not deteriorate, and there are no new signs of illness AND your child doesn’t need paracetamol or ibuprofen to feel better, your child can return to school or childcare. You should speak to your GP if symptoms worsen or if new symptoms develop. 
We received a lot of questions last term when children had a little cold and parents were unsure what to do.  The guidelines for children document addresses all these questions particularly Sections 12 &13. 
Finally, as usual we have the Return to School Form for completion for every child returning.
We will be easing into the new year for Thursday and Friday and really getting stuck into our work on Monday.  We will no doubt have a number of absences tomorrow and Friday and I appreciate parents following the guidelines and exercising caution. If your child cannot attend school next week or anytime after next Monday, contact me directly [email protected] and we can arrange for work to be sent home. 
Wishing you all a very Happy New Year and looking forward to catching up with our pupils tomorrow.
Kind regards,
Éilis Treacy

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