Posted on Thursday, January 01, 1970

Dear Parent/Guardian,
CLASS hours or the  "Covid Learning and Support Scheme" was sanctioned by the Department of Education at the start of this school year.  It equates to approximately 18 days teaching for our school. This scheme is to support pupils adversely affected by the school lockdowns due to Covid.  
We are employing Ms Conroy to cover the hours and she will be teaching in the school over the next few weeks and some days after that. 
Ms Conroy will be taking each classroom for a day this week to enable the class teacher to plan.  From Friday she will be working with individual pupils and be supporting the class teachers in inclass support. 
We hope to use these hours to target pupils who have been severly impacted by the school closures and also put an extra support for literacy in the junior room.  As you know, phonics etc were very difficult for parents to teach at home so the extra teacher for those lessons will really benefit infants and first class. 
If your child is to receive individual support, we will be contacting you in the next few days regarding this.   
Kind regards,
√Čilis Treacy

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