Class notice 24th March

Posted on Thursday, March 24, 2022

Dear Parents/Guardians of 2nd & 3rd class,
Ms McGettigan informed me yesterday evening that she tested positive for Covid.  She (like all the staff) had tested herself each morning and all were negative and symptom free. She felt a bit off after school and did an antigen test to be sure and it indicated positive.
Ms McGettigan was wearing her mask all the time over the past three days, she was especially conscious after the long weekend.  We continue to have the windows open and the HEPA filters running with the air monitors monitoring.  We are still handwashing and sanitising between each activity.  Hopefully all the children should be fine but I just wanted parents to be aware.
Parents can continue to order testing kits at this link.  School roll number: 15997P.  
I spent the whole evening trying to find a substitute teacher but to no avail. Today is my office day but I cannot use my covering teacher as she is also out isolating after testing postiive earlier in the week.  I will be taking 2nd/3rd class myself today.  Every Friday we have Ms Conroy for CLASS hours so I will put her into the middle room for the day tomorrow. Hopefully I will locate a substitute teacher for the few days next week, if not I will be taking the class. 
If you have any queries, just get in contact with me [email protected] or at the school gate in the morning.
Kind regards,
√Čilis Treacy

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