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Posted on Thursday, March 31, 2022

Dear Parent/Guardian,
We have just over a week to our Easter Holidays and I have a few items to bring to your attention.
You were probably aware that we had a teacher out this past week isolating.  While they thought they would be returning today, they will have to wait until Monday to return.  Substitute teachers are extremely difficult to source at the moment. I had a substitute teacher secured for Monday to Wednesday but unfortunately they tested positive Sunday night and I had to take the class myself. I have a substitute teacher for the class today and Ms Conroy will take the class again this Friday. 
I tested positive myself for Covid yesterday afternoon. I had been testing every morning but had a family event yesterday after school so I tested before I attended to be sure. I will be isolating until the Easter holidays. As it is impossible to find substitute teachers and my teaching role is so varied, we will "bank" the days and use them after Easter to give extra support to the pupils who have missed out these two weeks. 
I have continued to wear FFP2 masks in school and I had the windows open with the HEPA filter on in my room constantly.  Monitor your child for any symptoms. I just felt a bit off and my throat wasn't sore but felt a bit raw.  I am also very tired.  Families can still avail of free antigen tests here  School Roll No: 15997P
Today and Friday, Ms McGrath will be acting principal, Ms Clarke will be acting deputy principal.  On Monday Ms McGettigan will step up on her return as acting principal until the holidays. It is unfortunate but we were very lucky as a staff to get this far. Hopefully Ms McGrath and Ms Clarke will reach their Easter holidays Covid free!
On a positive note, a special word of thanks to all the school community who welcomed Luka to our school.  He has settled in really well and is enjoying his time so far. 
We will postpone the writing competition and any other major events until after Easter but I know the teachers have plenty of their own little Easter activities in their classrooms next week.  My hope is that pupils and teachers get to the holidays in one piece and get to enjoy the two weeks properly.  This has been such a lovely term, especially since it's the first full spring term we have had in 3 years. 
I look forward to seeing everyone back after the Easter, well rested and healthy. 
Kind regards,
√Čilis Treacy

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