Back to School 2022

Posted on Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Dear Parents/Guardians,
We return to school tomorrow (Thursday 1st) and we are really looking forward to seeing our pupils and starting a fresh new year.

For the first time since 2019 I have no Covid protocols. 
If staff or pupils are sick, they should take a test just in case and stay at home if they are sick (fever, tired etc).  If staff or pupils are attending school with symptoms but feeling well enough, it would be a good idea to wear a mask until symptoms clear.  Pupils and staff can wear masks at any time if they so wish. 
We will be emphasising handwashing and sanitiser on return to school and teaching lessons on hand hygiene. We will continue to maintain good ventilation in the classrooms by opening windows, using the air filters and monitoring with the CO2 monitors. 

Hopefully we are back to normality and can revert back to procedures pre-covid. Teachers email addresses put in place during the online teaching are now closed. We are back to following our communications policy which can be viewed on our website.  This updated communications policy will be ratified at the next board of management meeting.  The school office can be contacted on [email protected] or 090 9675362.  The principal email address is [email protected] and as I will be attending college for some weeks this year, this will be monitored by Ms McGettigan when she is acting principal. 

Junior Room
Junior infant parents can come to the door with their child this week and for as long as their child needs.  Junior infants will be going home at 12 for this week and the following two weeks.
For everyone else, we would ask parents to leave their children at the school gate just in time for 9.20am.
Junior and senior infants will be collected at the school gate.  1st Class will walk to the school gate with Ms McGrath for 3pm. 

Middle Room
Ms McGettigan's class will line up on the yard at the 2nd and 3rd class markrers. In the evening 2nd and 3rd class will continue to exit the school at the left side gate. Bring football boots if you would like to play soccer on the pitch. 

Senior Room
Ms Clarke's class will line up on the yard at the 4th, 5th and 6th class markers.   Again, bring in your football boots if you would like to play soccer at break. 

All Pupils
Parents should arrange where to meet their child after school so they can walk directly from gate to car/meeting point. If pupils are cycling, they must dismount from the Square or Fr. McInerney's house and walk from there.
All pupils should have a lunch which is easy to manage and a lunchbox which is easy to open. 
Booklists were sent with school reports. Email [email protected] or call Patricia 09096 75362 to arrange payment.  Bank transfer is the easiest for us but we still accept cash. Ideally all children should have their books by the weekend so we can start into them properly on Monday.
Weather looks to be nice on return to school. If wearing shorts, try to have navy shorts with no logos and not too short as the children will be sitting in them all day.

Looking forward to seeing all our pupils at 9.20am tomorrow.

Yours sincerely,

√Čilis Treacy

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