Split the Pot!

Posted on Friday, September 27, 2019

As outlined in our September newsletter, we will be hosting a weekly raffle from the 1st of October. 
So how does it work?

  1. Envelopes are available for children to take home any day. 
  2. Envelopes should be returned by Thursday with €2 inside and Name, Address and Phone number written on the space provided. 
  3. Each envelope received will be stamped and counted by Patricia in the office on Thursday mornings under the watchful eyes of two 6th class pupils. 
  4. The total money will be split with half going to the school and half to the raffle.
  5. At 11am, when the children are lined up after small break, the raffle will be held. One envelope will be pulled from the pot by a pupil in front of all the pupils. The winner will receive a call or text from the office and collection of prize money arranged. 
  6. There will be a list of winners on the "news" section of www.eyrecourtns.ie. The winners name will be added to the list each week. No other details will be published. 
Further points to note:
  • Envelopes can be sent in any day, the raffle will always be on a Thursday.
  • The Board of Management of St. Brendan's NS, Eyrecourt obtained a licence for this raffle through Loughrea District court.
  • Proceeds from this raffle willl go towards running costs and upkeep of the school. 
  • This raffle is totally optional, envelopes will not be handed out, pupils can pick up envelopes from their classroom and return full envelopes to the box in their classroom. (These boxes will be emptied each day by Patricia and stored securely) There will be no checklists or any pressure on pupils to take envelopes.

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