Halloween Fun at Eyrecourt NS

Posted on Wednesday, October 21, 2020

We are all eagerly awaiting our midterm break and most importantly our Halloween activities. 
As outlined in the October newsletter http://www.eyrecourtns.ie/story/97/october-newsletter.php we will dress up as usual.
Halloween Dress Up
The children are very excited about this. Be aware that they will be going outside to play and will also be spending time outside showing off their costumes so add a layer underneath the costume for warmth. Kids will be kids and will want to run around at break so make sure they are able to play comfortably in their costume. 
Trick or Treat bag
We will be having opportunities for "Trick or Treat" and there could be further goodies on offer back in the classroom so each child should have their own Trick or treat bag. Just a plain plastic bag of any sort is perfect to store all their sweets and treats. 
Classroom games
After a parade of costumes outside the fun will continue inside in the classrooms.  Teachers will have appropriate games and activities for their classes all based around Halloween. 
Sweets and treats
Children should have their usual lunch and should not bring sweets themselves, they will all be provided in trick or treat and in the classroom activiities. Kids sharing sweets is too problematic this year and it is safest if staff have the treats organised in advance. 
Temple Street Donation
Finally we are supporting Temple Street Hospital on Friday and would appreciate a donation of €2 per child or whatever you prefer to donate. 

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